You tried 5 ways in which you can save hotel booking money

Selecting for a budget hotel is the best method to save a large amount of money, but It is clear that people prefer a five-star experience. There are certain ways to stretch the vacation budget without sacrificing your choice in accommodations.

The timing of the booking: If you are planning to book your ticket at a lower price, you can book the hotels in a time span of twenty-four hours. The hotels in Mumbai town do not attract a large number of tourists. Hence, you can get a large amount of discount on your stay as generally, the hotels lower their tariff rates to get the rooms filled up and go on a higher occupancy rate. There are a lot of websites online which help to book the hotels by checking the best prices with availability for the given date. So, you can go through different sites and select the hotel you want as per your budget.

Discounts and special affiliations: A large number of hotel properties give corporate discounts to their clients planning to book a room. There are few reputable companies whose employees receive a special amount of discounts on direct bookings. Further, the online websites sometimes give huge discounts and offer on booking of hotels. These discounts are sometimes in the form of promo code also.

Reward Mails: Generally, we book the hotels and make the payment through our cash cards be it a credit or a debit card. There are few shopping companies which provide certain rewards and points which can be used and redeemed while booking tickets online through any online website. These reward mails sometimes provide huge discounts and save a large amount of money even during the pick seasons.

Up gradation of room category: On a major ground, people select the room type by checking on the online sites and then booking the same. Here, the rates will be as per the tariff of the room. You can alternatively reserve a lower rate of room and then ask for up gradation. Sometimes, the up gradation is done with a negligible cost or even free cost without incurring any additional charge if you are planning for a hotel stay in Mumbai city.

Keen eye on rate change: The room rates fluctuate significantly. Majority of them people do not sit and check the rates by hitting refresh to check whether the nightly rate has dropped or not. There are few services which track the room prices and notifies when it is on the lower side. They also rebook the hotel at the same and credit the difference amount. Alternatively, sometimes room up gradation also happens if better rooms are available at the same price.

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