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Are you planning to visit the city of glamour, dreams and Bollywood? Well, Mumbai has it all! Are you looking for budget hotels with all the basic amenities for a comfortable stay? Then, Navi Mumbai is best place to stay during your trip. Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is close by and well connected for daily commute. The city of Navi Mumbai offers impeccable hotels according to the budget of the visitors. These hotels are apt for business traveller and leisure traveller, as they cater to the need of different people very beautifully. The right blend of pristine beauty, serenity with a backdrop of palm trees, makes it a lively city. What makes it distinct from other cities is- Navi Mumbai offers hotels and suites with different highlights. Elegantly furnished rooms, subtle colours enchanting guest lobby are some of its highlights. These hotels are reasonably priced and are the best for business trip. Needless to mention, the hotels in Navi Mumbai offers state-of-the-art amenities to the people like currency exchange services, international call services, Wi-Fi, high speed internet connectivity, etc. Top-notch facilities, personalized services add warmth to the trip. But the question arises how to find a hotel room on any budget.

Finding an ideal hotel room in budget can be time consuming task. Comparing different hotels can be bit tricky. Like airlines, they have high air fares, hotels have also joined the bandwagon of high cost. Here are some tips on how to get the best hotels by finding right bargains.

Abandon you’re false notions- Do you want a room that come equipped with coffee-makers and that too for free? Well, even in a 5 star hotel, you may require to pay charges for morning coffee. Those cute bathing accessories that everyone like to take to home carry charges. Hotels have figured out it is cheap to use soap dispensers as compared to soaps.

Compare the prices on online basis- It is important to compare the prices online before zeroing down on your choice. These are the platform that helps you to find the best rates with thousands of hotels across the globe. Web sites not only provide information about fees and regulatory charges, so it important to call the hotel and ask before you make reservation or your bargain will be a bust.

Be flexible about travel plans- In order to get the best deals, you need to be flexible about travel dates. There are many websites that will provide you collective information on where to stay at what time of the year. Or you can simply input different parameters like budget, date of travel, geographic limit using different filters. It will offer you a list of destinations to consider.

Prepare a separate budget for the amenities- If you want to get the best deal for the room, it is important to stay prepared and pay for the extras. You need to request for what is considered as standard facilities for the room, or the hotel executives may add additional charges to the bill. For example, resorts may charge additional fees to cover nothing in particular. They expect to pay additional charges for beach umbrella or cabana.

Search for hidden charges- If you are a member of some professional group or communities, you may be entitled to a certain discount percentage. You can search for the discount codes on the internet.

Search for inexpensive hotels- There are enough of budget hotel in Navi Mumbai that offers a wide range of amenities at low cost.

Don't think twice before negotiating- There are many hotels in Navi Mumbai that are more than willing to negotiate to fill their vacant room, so don't fret. Don't hesitate to ask hotel manager about free breakfast, internet, and valet parking or workout facilities.

Last but not the least; there are many luxury hotels in Navi Mumbai that offers a wide range of facilities, so it is necessary to compare the package.

There is enough of hotels in Navi Mumbai that offers accommodation according to the budget along with state-of-the-art amenities. In this article, we have mentioned details about dream city.