Budget Hotels In Vashi Nnavi Mumbai


Mumbai has been home to art and culture as varied as film-making, drama, painting, music, photography and dancing for years. The city is a potpourri of numerous Indian cultures, religions and traditions, thanks to the thousands of immigrants who have settled in the city in the last hundred years. Also a hub to a plethora of financial and commercial institutions from both the private and public sectors, it serves as an obvious node point in global economics and money flow. Several business houses of banking, textiles, information technology, manufacturing, shipping, airlines have their headquarters situated in the city. It also harbours Bollywood, the second largest entertainment industry in the world and beckons new talent every day. This is available in Mumbai, but Navi Mumbai is best for stay. You can book to stay hotels in Navi Mumbai at a reasonable cost. You can travel in few hours form Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. In Navi Mumbai hotels, you will get the best hospitality and excellent service. Mumbai is a very slam area causing various problems, but Navi Mumbai is a natural and open area. There are various shopping malls, movie theatres, high end restaurants, gardens and many more places to explore. If you are a fitness enthusiast, there are various trekking locations.

It is thus the prime task of Navi Mumbai Hotels and Hoteliers to provide facilities and services suited to the masses that come to the city every day to indulge in business or pleasure. Many world-class 3 Star Hotels in Navi Mumbai have sprung over the last few years with exactly that mind. These 3 Star Hotels provide hotel rooms in Navi Mumbai with prime luxury features such as reliable air conditioning, cable television, comfortable beds, excellent and reasonable room service and brilliant dining facilities at reasonable rates. Also available are a host of other in-room facilities in hotel rooms in Navi Mumbai such as a microwave oven, a telephone and a small refrigerator to cater to the customer’s needs. 3 star Hotels in Navi Mumbai also allow guests especially families to rent movies or videos from the hotel's library for private viewings on the hotel's in house channel. Children can also use the hotel's in house entertainment system to play latest video games or surf the internet at high speeds.

Budget Hotels in Navi Mumbai also have special entertainment resources that can be exploited by customers for business or pleasure. Large Olympic size swimming pools which are cleaned and maintained regularly are open to guests 24-7. Often there are special kiddie pools for younger kids. Juice bars at the pool's periphery operates throughout the day and provides a variety of fruit juices and shakes. At night they functions as a bar and serves alcohol to the party crowd. Apart from the pool 5 star hotels in Navi Mumbai also have business centres. These state-of-the-art buildings provide high speed communication resources such as internet to visiting businessmen and entrepreneurs all day long. Also available are facilities for conducting seminars and presentations for a small to large audiences. Special kids' parks and nurseries are also available to look after small kids. Parents can leave small children here for babysitting and go out into the city to spend some time alone.

5 Star Hotels in Navi Mumbai allow customers to book rooms in advance. Tourists can either phone-in a reservation and pay using a valid bank card or log on to the internet and check out the hotel's website. Often a panoramic view of the room is available for the customer to check out and decide. Using these web resources a customer can easily sample hotel rooms in Navi Mumbai and select one that suits him.