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Locating a venue in which to hold your wedding reception requires some forethought. There are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration before the final decision is made. You need to look at your personal desires and those of your guests as well.

As you have often seen stated in real estate ads, "Location, Location, and Location!" Where you hold your wedding reception will have a great impact on how the program will be handled. There should be enough seating room to make reaching the tables an easy task, especially for the handicapped or elderly.

All areas have their own weather conditions, and if you want an outdoor wedding pick a date that will coincide with the best seasonal weather. Stay away from seasons that typically are very warm or rainy and damp. Even in the best of predictable weather conditions, choose a second indoor option. Booking a venue that far in advance will not allow for a weather forecast for that day.

Always have your wedding list completed before you book your reception hall. Nothing is more uncomfortable than to be elbow to elbow with the person seated next to you. Waiters and waitresses will have to navigate about the room to serve food and drink without running into a guest. In most cases a bit too much room is better than not having enough.

another detail that should be discussed is the music. You should inform the manager of any venue if you plan on having a small band or orchestra, or possibly a DJ. Most musical groups require a vast amount of electricity with amps, lighting, and microphones. There should also be an area for dancing, again with its size depending on the number of people attending.

once your wedding budget has been set do all you can to stay within its boundaries? One way to keep the cost down is to locate a venue that supplies linens along with the tables and chairs. Choose a menu that is apt to be enjoyed by all the guests attending. Leave the exotic dishes for the honeymoon.

Decorations are not easy to plan with the exception of the colour scheme. If you are at a loss as to what to do for decorating ask the venue manager if he has any photos of past weddings. This will give you some good ideas on where to start. Relax and enjoy your day as that is the most important ingredient in any venue choice.

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banquet halls in navi mumbai vashi | conference hall in navi mumbai